VFX Artist

Angry Mob Games is looking for an experienced Unity Visual Effects Artist, to work on our upcoming dark sci-fi action game, Trinity Fusion.

We’re focusing on finding a person with strong artistic and technical skills, to create a wide range of visual effects for the enemy and playable characters.

• Create particle effects and other custom visual effects for each specific character attack move, special ability or weapon
• Use Unity’s particle system, plus custom mesh setups
• Create custom animations for spawning various effects
• Adjust Unity shaders to get the desired results
• Use Unity’s Timeline to easily sync all particle effects with the character animations (timeline already setup by our designers, and no scripting is required)

• Ability to produce stylized results
• Use Shader Graph, Amplify Shader Editor or write custom URP shaders
• We’re open to working with freelance VFX artists, working remote from home


To apply, please fill in this form, with a link to your previous work.