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  • Can't give toy

    I have a quest to make the Yeti to stop the Viking who's stopping the cow who's flooding toys burg. Lol. My issue is I gave the Viking and cow toys to two kids one of which can use multiple toys. Both can use horror theme toys. So now I have no kids to give my yeti to (no oNE can be the Yeti). And because it's a storyline I can't take away the Viking or the cow. I'm totally stuck. Please help!

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    I waited until another kid who was busy (not with the cow or viking) , was available again. You could wait or pay the candy to make them available earlier which is what I ended up doing. I hope that helps.


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      I have almost a similar problem. I started doing the cheese quest. I gave 2 cat toys to 2 different kids, now even if I wait for cooldown 1 of them won't give up the toy. Now I can't give the proper toy to move forward on this quest. Please help